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How to Build a Business to Make You Wealthier and Your Life Easier

This book is not based on theories that do not work but real life tried and tested strategies to business success.

In Business Owners Success Guide You will discover:

•    How to assess your chances of success
•    How to choose the right business
•    The importance of Planning, Planning, Planning
•    The Mental Challenge of Running a Business
•    The importance of Life Balance
•    The importance of Marketing

And much, much more.

The main benefits of Business Owners Success Guide are:

• It is written in an easy to read manner that even non readers will like
• It is not a thick book, but still covers all the essential areas you need to consider to be successful in your own business
• It has some light humour which keeps the reader interested
• It is not heavy/energy sapping book like a lot of self help and business books
• It provides the average person with the answers to questions they will raise when looking to start a business and when looking to grow that business to a state where the owner can step away
• It is an easy reference guide that you will continually refer to and not read once and put on a book shelf It covers all the main areas that you need to think about to build a successful business
• It has real life examples and stories that business owners can relate to
• It is straight to the point and written from the perspective of someone who has been there
• It is not a book based on technical business concepts but on real concepts that have been proven to be successful in the real world of business
• It covers both the business principles and the emotional side of starting and building a business
• It will give readers the confidence to know what they need to know to be successful in their own business
• It is a book that business owners will relate to and understand because it is written in a simple easy to read format.

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