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Wedge Consulting International is an Australian owned Business advisory firm operating throughout Australia and working with clients from a variety of industries. We have products and services for a New Business Start Up, any Established Small Business right through to large Corporate Businesses.

We work on the premise that every business is facing challenges unique to that business at a particular time and a generic program is insufficient to fix the challenges and obtain the outcomes desired by different business owners and leaders.

Our philosophy is to work on both the business and the people in the business to find out what everyone wants out of their life and how that can best be achieved with the business.

We listen to the business owner/leader to discover what is causing the challenges they feel they are facing and the outcomes they desire and then tailor an individual program using our unique suite of products and services to enable them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Quite often the challenges business owners/leaders are facing (e.g. I need to increase sales, my team is not doing what I want them to) are not the core issues but rather the outcomes of the core issues.

The core issues revolve around the seven factors any business must have in place and operating correctly to enable them to build a successful and sustainable business that will realise its full potential.

These seven core factors are LIVPACS®:

• Leadership
• Inclusion
• Vision
• Planning
• Accountability
• Communication
• Systems and Procedures

In any business where 1 or more of these seven core factors are not operating correctly there will always be challenges that need to be addressed.

Wedge Consulting are Business and People Transformation Specialists. Following are the reasons our clients have chosen us over the years:

  • Our Senior Advisors have founded, owned and built their own successful businesses…. You will deal with people who know what you are going through and the correct pathway to move forward.

  • You will have access to business Systems and Procedures Templates….
    You will have a fully systemised business that does what you want.

  • You will have access to advisors who can deal with employees from frontline to management….Your people at all levels will be comfortable dealing with us.

  • You will have people who listen, analyse and identify the real issues in your business…Your business will be based on personalised strategies & solid foundations for future success.

  • We are committed to the success of your business…You will have independent experts on your side, with no political agenda.

  • You will discover the tools and strategies for ongoing success…You and Your business will be in a stronger position when we finish.

  • We hold you Accountable…You will get those things completed that you would otherwise put off.

  • You will deal with people who can identify why you and your people make the decisions they do & how to improve that…You will have a motivated, engaged and target orientated team.

  • You will develop Clarity and Focus on where you really want to go…You will be looking to the future success of your business, rather than stuck on the day to day challenges.

We have worked with many businesses in a wide variety of industries to

• Identify and document their future strategy and vision
• Document and produce Business Plans and Budgets to deliver on the strategy
• Identify marketing strategies to deliver on the strategy and also document and             produce Marketing Plans
• Identify challenges in a business and areas of improvement and develop the relevant strategies and systems to improve the business
• Identify challenges with staff and management and why they are making the decisions they are
• Design and implement relevant rewards and recognition programs and personal development programs to engage and retain their employees
• Coached and Mentored individuals from all levels in businesses to improve their mindset, business skills and personal lives
• Develop a franchising model to enable a niche business to commencing building a franchise
• Develop and train sales teams to improve their skills and increase their success rate
• Identify challenges and areas for improvement in the production and put in place strategies to improve production
• Build and implement employee identification programs, recruitment and induction programs and train them in the skills required for successful employee identification and recruitment
• Improve financial reporting and trained them in financial modelling and planning


Business Improvement and Turnaround
Business Coaching

Motivation Coaching
Accountability Coaching
Business Planning and Implementation
Executive Coaching
Business Transformation/Change Management
Leadership Coaching
Systemisation of Businesses
Succession Planning and Exit Strategies
Keynote Speakers
Workshop Presenters/Facilitators

We are your business coaching, Mentoring, Consulting and transformation specialists - Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Anywhere where we can make a difference



Darren Wedge is the Founder and Managing Director of Wedge Consulting International.

Darren has had over 20 years experience in the areas of management, sales, marketing, team building and business development.

Prior to running his own consultancy business Darren had started, built and sold three successful businesses and understands the challenges facing businesses and what they need to do to become successful.

Before commencing his own businesses Darren had built a wealth of business knowledge and experience through a combination of senior sales and marketing, business development and general management roles in both large global and small to medium sized local businesses.

Darren is the author of Business Owners Success Guide, an easy to read guide to assist both current and potential business owners through the complex issue of starting and building their business.

A positive “whatever it takes attitude” combined with a belief that if you can dream it you can achieve it is at the core of Darren’s business philosophy. Darren is committed to assisting business owners to identify and achieve their own business and personal goals.

If you want to accelerate the success of your business, visit our products section or contact Wedge Consulting at to arrange your Business Success Meeting and find out what is really stopping you from achieving the Success you so richly deserve.

If you would like an initial consultation with us, please click here.

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